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What We Do

Fylde Sharks offer one-to-one swimming lessons to children of all disabilities up to 18 years old.

We teach disabled children water confidence, swimming strokes, exercise and social interaction by providing two hour swimming sessions at YMCA St Annes Swimming pool on alternate Saturdays and two hours at Kirkham Rural Splash pool on alternate Sundays.

Your Swimming Session

One-to-one swimming lessons with Fylde Sharks Disability Swimming Club

During each two hour private pool hire session, the teachers provide a 30 minute one-to-one swimming session with each child in a safe and controlled environment with only our disabled swimmers (and their carers or family members) being allowed to access the pool.

This means that disabled children, who were previously unable to access swimming sessions due to their disabilities, can now learn to swim with Fylde Sharks.

We offer member's siblings, parents and carers the option to join us in the swimming pool during the sessions for a small donation or to enjoy a short break and sit on the side and chat with others, or simply relax and watch their child having fun in the water.

Teaching You To Swim... Safely

Swimming safely with Fylde Sharks Disability Swimming Club

All our teachers are experienced, qualified teachers with their own national governing body insurance. Supporting the swimming teachers are volunteers, who help assist disabled children at the sessions. All have to undergo CRB clearance.

We currently have about 60 children who swim with us regularly and this is almost equally split between St Annes and Kirkham pools. If you would like to join us, please contact Harriet by telephone or by email as on our contact page.

What The Parents Say

Fylde Sharks Disability Swimming Club

We receive constant positive feedback verbally and on our feedback questionnaires from parents, telling us how the swimming lessons have had a positive effect on their children not only in the pool, but also at school and socially.

Here's one of many positive feedback comments from one of the parents:

"Apart from the safety aspect of learning to swim, it also strengthens my son's weak muscles. The club tuition, by people who understand the unique characteristics of children with special needs, combines fun with learning and enables my child to gain confidence in and out of the water.

I do not know of any other club that could offer this level of teaching and we hope that it will continue in the future as it is very important to us all".

We have many more similar testimonials, which you'll find in the right hand column throughout this website.

Help Us To Help The Children

Swimming lessons for children with disabilities across the Fylde Coast

As an independent charity swimming club, we need to raise approximately £14,000 each year to provide these much needed sessions, which cost around £12.50 per child per session.

Our members pay a small charge of £5.00 per child per session to assist in sustaining the cost of the club.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to join our swimming club, donate to Fylde Sharks, or help us to enhance the lives of children with disabilities by becoming a volunteer, we'd love you to get in touch.

Fylde Sharks - Disability Swimming Club For Children and Young People

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"One to one swimming instruction is very important. It means our child is pushed to swim properly and learn a good technique. It is also a great break for us as parents.

The sessions allow for our childs learning difficulties and so lessons are appropriate for her ability to understand."


"The club is important to our children.

It's something they look forward to and it's nice to have lots of space to swim without too many people."


Your Donation...


Will pay the cost of a CRB check for a new volunteer

Thank you for your support

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