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High achievers Ben & Alex

High achievers Ben & Alex

Congratulations to Ben Wilding and Alex Crockart for their amazing hard work and completing their IOS Alpha Level 7 Awards!

Ben, shown in the picture receiving his certificate from volunteer swimming instructor Doug Thomas, was the first to complete this in February and Ben has just completed his Bronze award also. Hot on his heels is Alex, who has become the second swimmer to achieve level 7.

This was no mean feat as the level 7 involves swimming 25ms in backstroke, crawl, breaststroke & butterfly, performing a sequence of sculling and floating, a dive, a 50m continuous swim with 1 stroke, a 100m continuous swim using 3 different strokes, treading water for 30 seconds and completing an obstacle course without touching the bottom of the pool with their feet. The Bronze award includes swimming 400m which is 16 lengths of the pool!

Well done Ben and Alex for this fantastic achievement!

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