"I couldn't live without the support and friendship this club has given me"


"Fylde Sharks provides tuition by people who understand the unique characteristics of children with special needs...I do not know of any other club that could offer this level of teaching.

We hope that it will continue in the future as it is very important to us all."


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Fylde Sharks children's disability swimming club uniquely offers one to one swimming lessons to disabled children and young people in the Fylde area.

Our Objective Is

To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation, in particular but not exclusively, by the provision of facilities for swimming for disabled young people up to and including the age of 18 in the Borough of Fylde and the surrounding areas in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving their quality of life.

We Aim...

  • to help develop the social skills of children and young people with disabilities, to enhance their ability to interact and communicate with their peers, improve their confidence and reduce social isolation by bringing together disabled young people and their families in and out of the swimming sessions
  • to maximise the potential of disabled children and young people by being able to access swimming
  • to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in the Fylde area

Meet The Team...read more

We have an amazing, committed, inspiring group of committee members, volunteers and swimming teachers who work tirelessly for Fylde Sharks.

Our Committee

Christine Miller, Chairperson Christine Miller, Chairperson
Pam Young, Acting Secretary Pam Young, Acting Secretary
Andy Day, Treasurer Andy Day, Treasurer
Name Role
Paul Cooper Funding Volunteer
Dr Harriet Bonney Administration Volunteer
Doug Thomas Fundraiser & Health & Safety Volunteer
Pam Young Poolside and fundraising volunteer
Deborah Terras
see "Making a Splash" below for more information about all our volunteers

Our Swimming Teachers and Swimming Volunteers

Name Role
Helen Jenkins Swimming Teacher - Level 2
Katie Mawsley Swimming Teacher - Level 2
Marian Aston Swimming Teacher - Level 2
Abbie Kitcher Swimming Teacher - Level 1
James Burgess Swimming Teacher - Level 1
Glenn Whitley Swimming Teacher - Level 2
Doug Thomas Swimming Teacher - Level 1 - Volunteer
John Barnes Swimming Teacher - Level 1 - Volunteer
Vicky Ormerod Swimming Teacher - level 2
Lucy Eastaff Swimming Teacher - level 1
Rebecca Terras & Barbara Holmes Swimming Teachers - Level 1


Name Role
Sue Swarbrick Volunteer Dryside Assistant
Hilary McFadden Website & Fundraiser Volunteer
Bernie Bradley Website Developer

Our History...read more

Where It All Began

Some of the Fylde Sharks team

Fylde Sharks swimming club for disabled children and young people started in September 2010 utilising funding from the Lancashire County Council's Aiming High for Disabled Children fund.

Dave Marsland, the Sports Development Officer for YMCA Fylde Coast, applied for funding to set up a brand new swimming club to provide swimming lessons for disabled young children and at the same time provide a short break to parents and carers. Dave knew the perfect person to approach for help in delivering this service and he approached Helen Jenkins.

The Birth of Fylde Sharks

Helen already ran Funpod, a multi sports club for disabled adults and young people for the YMCA each Saturday. Helen is also a level two qualified swimming teacher with experience in teaching swimming to disabled children in her previous volunteering and paid employment with Blackpool Council working with the Blackpool Polar Bears swimming club.

Helen was inspired by the positive effects that the swimming lessons at Polar Bears had on club members of all ages and was keen to help. She knew that demand far outweighed availability so there was clearly a market for more swimming lessons for disabled children in the Fylde area.

Together, Dave and Helen formed a new swimming club, Fylde Sharks, providing one to one swimming lessons for disabled children aged up to 18 years old at Kirkham and St Annes swimming pools.

Making A Splash!...read more

Making A Splash

Fun at a Fylde Sharks swimming session

The club grew from strength to strength and was soon catering for approximately 30-40 families from the Fylde area teaching swimming to children with a range of disabilities, not only improving their physical wellbeing but also their confidence and social skills.

In December 2010, Helen decided to form a committee of volunteers to try and ensure that the club could continue and in December 2010 Fylde Sharks became an independent swimming club with its own constitution, bank account, and individual volunteer roles and responsibilities to form an official active committee. As an independent club, Fylde Sharks could now start actively fundraising to try and secure the future for its club members.

A Momentous Day

Fylde Sharks committee

A milestone for Fylde Sharks was when in December 2011, we received charitable status number 1145122 issued by the Charity Commission.

Help Us To Help The Children

Fylde Sharks continues to work hard to raise our profile and funds for the future.

We have been very lucky to receive support, help and funds from some fantastic people and organisations, details of which can be found on our Supporters page. We have also held various fundraising activities such as car boot sales, a psychic evening, a race night and other fundraising events.

Our team of dryside volunteers are: Christine Miller, Stella Frear, Sue Swarbrick, Emma Jeffrey, Harriet Bonney, Linda Beddows, and Pam Young.

In addition to all those volunteers listed above we also have more wonderful volunteers who generously give up their own free time to assist in the pool.

We have a truly amazing team but we always need and welcome new volunteers to help so Make a splash! Join us, and make a real difference to the children's lives.

If you'd like to help Fylde Sharks, learn more about what we do or get involved, we'd love you to get in touch. Thank you.

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